can you breastfeed with implants over the muscle

Thing you Should Know: Can you Breastfeed with Implants?

All mothers who have baby in this world sure want to do breastfeed for her baby, but another is afraid to do so, because they have implant on their breast. Many myths and facts about breast feed for a woman with implants. Are you one of mommy with breast implant? Can you breastfeed with implants? This article will help you to relief your stress, because we will discuss myths and […]

cute baby shower invitations for a girl

Get the Latest Cute Baby Shower Invitations

Happy parents are here, and they want to celebrate their baby shower and invite all their relations, family and friends to spread some love for a new upcoming baby. But they confuse with how to choose cute baby shower invitations, they want to make it looks good, cute, and personal in a same way. If you are parents to be like this story, you don’t need to worry, because we […]

baby bedding for girls

Wonderful Ideas about Baby Bedding for Girls

Baby bedding for girls is really popular right now around a mommy to be. There are so many theme that you can use for your baby bedding, for example: princess theme, cute theme with animal pattern, classic theme, and so many others. Choose right bedding for girls is not really easy, because you need to make it combine with other aspect on the room. Wall colors, furniture theme and colors, […]

baby teeth grinding

Getting to Know about Your Baby Teeth

About Baby Teeth Baby teeth are also known as deciduous teeth, temporary teeth, or milk teeth. After several months you can see your baby first little tooth through the gums. This will be two set row of teeth in your baby development. When your baby growth up, this teeth will replaced with permanent teeth, but sometimes some teeth will remain for many years. The eruption begins in six month and […]

leg cramps during pregnancy 1st trimester

How to Prevent Leg Cramps during Pregnancy

What is Leg Cramps? Leg cramps is a painful feeling that you get around your legs, in a rare case for 2000: 1 mommy in the world, this leg cramps during pregnancy can be so dangerous, it makes a blood clog around your leg vein, so you should go to your doctor when something like this happens. Leg cramps usually happen to a pregnancy mommy around second trimester until third […]

creative baby shower gifts

Super Creative Baby Shower Gift for Your Inspiration

Are you looking for a creative baby shower gift? Instead of giving a common baby gift, you can be more creative with this stuff, such as diaper, baby blanket, clothes, bibs bottle, and baby tummy. You can design and decorate baby shower gift baskets with your personal touch. This will give a deep appreciation for a mom to be, especially if she is your best friend or your family. Show […]

baby shower sayings

1001 Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas for You!

We know that you are very excited about your new baby born, and you want to celebrate it on baby shower. But you are too confuse to start make your baby shower invitation wording. We know it all, that is why we provide many of invitation wording here, especially for your special baby. We also include baby shower quotes here, for baby boy or baby girl. Baby shower invitation wording […]

baby shower invitations free

A Complete Guide Preparing Baby Shower Invitation

Are you stressing out for preparing your baby shower invitation? Before everything’s ruined by your mistake and failed preparation, it’s better for you to make a guide plan to make sure your baby shower invitation ideas goes well until final day. A good preparation can make you more relax and know what to do orderly. If you are looking for a good advice for preparing baby shower, this article is […]